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In a bed bug heat treatment, personal protective equipment is always important

by Tom Costello, Technical Director
March 23, 2020

I spoke to a client a few months ago who had an employee who left his protective eyewear in the truck while conducting a heat treatment. “Your truck doesn’t need any more eye protection. You do!” In the new world we find ourselves in, correct application of personal protective equipment is just as important as ever during a heat treatment.


Personal Protective Equipment

A minimum acceptable level of personal protective equipment while working in a heat treatment should include:

  • Safety glasses with side shields
  • P100 respirator
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Hydration

All heat treatments create an environment where convected, heated air can dislodge dust, dander, allergens, and other small particulates. Respiratory and eye protection is paramount anytime a technician is inside a heat treatment jobsite.


Now is the time for additional safety diligence

Let’s assume this was a blog from six months ago and no one had heard of the coronavirus. The swirling, heated air inside a heat treatment is still a hazardous environment.

For those who wear regular eyeglasses: regular eyeglasses are not enough. Firstly, most eyeglass lenses are not made from high-impact materials. Normal eyewear also does nothing to protect the wearer’s eyes from flying material around the sides of the face. In a convected environment, the eye hazards may be swirling all around you.

A casual attitude towards jobsite safety can be detrimental to both yourself and everyone around you.

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