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What Our Clients are Saying

About three months ago, we treated an apartment in a senior home with our GreenTech Heat equipment. We were using heat to primarily kill the bed bugs, however this tenant also had a very severe infestation of German cockroaches. Before heating we applied boric acid powder and Seclira aerosol (IGR). As we were heating with the Titan 800, the cockroaches were running everywhere! We heated at about 150˚F for 5 hours and we applied some gel bait after. Here is a picture I took right after the treatment.

Three months go by and I go back for the first time and guess what: Not a single cockroach!

Sean Jourdain
Royale Extermination

I had the Titan 500 and 2 ePro 600s plus all the accessories for 7 years. Never a problem with the equipment. I definitely recommend GreenTech.

Nathan Kruger
Las Vegas, NV

I have owned two Titan 800s for over 2 years and have been very happy with both heaters I bought. Heats up 3k sqft homes with ease. I even treated an 8k sqft office building with 2 machines. Took about 2 hours to get temp but I was impressed that it got there. Would buy again!

Jeremy Bedford
Thermal Solutions

Big thanks to the helpful team at GreenTech Heat who were instrumental at determining the proper application for each heater. The treatment methods pioneered by Dr. Linford were easy to follow and eliminate bed bugs without the use of pesticides - just what my clients want!

Micah C.
San Diego, CA

Using the Titan RCS for the first time cut my heat job down by almost 3 hours. We monitor CO levels with our Portal carbon monoxide alarm, and so far, it hasn’t gone off. I bought one of these for every heater we have.

Calvin Thigpen
It’s Bugs or Us

The university management is quite happy with the heaters and your efforts to assist were required and we are looking for a long-term relationship.

Ali Kapipi
University of Papua New Guinea

ATL are incredibly proud to receive the 2019 New Zealand Biosecurity Award award for the custom heat chamber you helped us create. As a New Zealand company, we know a strong biosecurity border is absolutely vital for a successful economy and we are proud of the role that we play in protecting our borders from exotic pests and diseases. Dr. Mike, thank you for all your support with that project.

Jacob Bates
General Manager
ATL Automotive Technologies Limited, Japan

Your technical manual was worth the price of our entire Titan package. It has helped us with so many valuable techniques and procedures which has in turn helped our clients. We need more manuals because we’ve worn out the one that came with our package.

Doug Foster
Burt’s Pest Control

Big differences when comparing GreenTech’s electric trailer with the competitor. The build is better. No RUST. You get direct contact with the owner and his team. One man can operate the system. Push more BTUs faster, quicker treatments, and you can control the temperature easier. With the the trailer I own from the competitor you need 2 people working. That trailer is brand new and we dealt with rust so bad and a leaking roof. Warranty or fan going down trying to get parts from the competition was very hard.

Calvin Thigpen
It’s Bugs or Us

I’ve used GreenTech’s ePro 400 in several hotels over the last four years with tremendous success. I highly recommend them!

Naresh Patel
Marriott Hotels

GreenTech has been good to my growing business and helped me out a lot. I was really impressed even running your new ePro 1400 off of only one 240v cord. Your equipment is very well made and I will continue to be a customer. I would have never gotten to where I am if it hadn’t been for Dr Linford to trust and finance me on the propane heater package.

Mark King
King Environmental Solutions

The Titan 450 is an amazing heater! Temps are fantastic and quickly lethal. This is a game changer for me.

Joshua Foster, Zap Pest
Orangevale, CA

The ePro 1400 is the best electric heater we have ever used. This heater reduced treatment time significantly and distributed the heat energy in a very efficient way.

Isotech Pest Control

I just thought I would write a little email to thank you for the delivery of my ePro 600 machines and two fans—on time as you promised. I am so impressed with your professionalism and very quick service in getting these machines all the way to me in the United Kingdom. I was so happy to open the boxes and actually see how well they are made and the quality—exactly as you advertise. I am looking forward to using them over the next few days. I can’t thank you enough for the constant updates and help via email, even though there is a time difference. Thank you once again and look forward to buying more.

Craig Stanford
Conquest Pest Control Services
London, England

I wanted to write you a quick note to express my deep gratitude and awe at the level of customer service I received yesterday. Somehow the wrong package of equipment was shipped out to me and once we discovered the error I called to try and resolve the issue. At every turn I was greeted with kind and helpful staff that were quick and eager to help fix the problem. For that I am deeply grateful.

I am awe struck by the fact that you actually dispatched a driver, who by the way represents your company with pride and professionalism, to drive through the night to our location so that we would have our order complete and correct. This level of customer service in my experience is without peer. I offered to put your man up for the night but he delivered the equipment and then started back home. I hope that he has arrived safely.

Thanks again for not only providing quality equipment but also for your commitment to quality customer care and service.

Ed Covert
The Salvation Army Redwood Glen

We love our three Titan 500s!
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Heating a multi-unit with bed bugs and roaches.

Darren Wolters
Rocky Mountain Bed Bug

I am very pleased with your training certification program and learned a lot. I am very proud of his certification, got a 99 on it!

Future Services, Inc

Thanks for the great equipment and more importantly the knowledge you’ve so far shared with us! Couldn’t be happier than I am with the TITAN!

Matt Bunn
Enterprise Pest Management

Concerning our new Black Widow: What was once a rather poor product is now utterly useless. The heater fires up, runs for a few moment and shuts off repeatedly. Absolutely will not stay lit. We have run the GreenTech Titans with no issue and gave this unit a shot because it was significantly less expensive. I want to get it returned and be done with it. We learned our lesson: nothing but GreenTech going forward. We love our Titans and ePros. You guys are awesome!

Shayne Avison

We use Dr Linford’s products on our property. The equipment is of very high quality and very dependable. Also the technology is very effective. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Glen Hayes
East Georgia Housing Authority

green tech heat solutions epro electric bed bug heat treatment system and equipment treats up to 600 sqft in 8 hours and includes Master Heat Technician Certification training and shipping included

The invoice looks great. I appreciate you putting a shipping label for the two I have here in the shipping order. I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service!! Have a blessed day!


We love the equipment we got from you and had no call backs ever since we started using it.

Stanley Melnick
Service Tech USA

We checked out your competition. They were good. But, when compared apples to apples, GreenTech had better equipment at better prices. And we love all the videos and support.

Stan Dulaney
Glade Water Housing Authority

Your equipment is so outstanding, it speaks for itself.

Becky Sellers, Trust Terminex

I just wanted to tell you that the Sprinkler Covers are an awesome product. So glad I made the investment. Keep up the good work.

Gary Johnston, Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control

Our Titan package is set to arrive Wednesday of this week. I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me throughout the numerous conversations we have had. I first looked at your company about one year prior to making a decision to purchase from you, during that year we looked at several other options and found that you were not only the best bang for the buck but also the obvious choice in heat treatments. Your products & customer service has shown to be next to none in the pest control industry!!

Vanish Pest, Oklahoma

The Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide is one of the most comprehensive training tools that we have seen. The entomology section is a great tool for visual learners. We are incorporating the guide into our Branch 2 Training syllabus. Thanks for your generous offer to provide us with extra copies. As mentioned, we feel as though the depth of the training and the training aids warrants 2-3 CEUs for tech training. We’re also investigating various options for remote monitoring, including the “iTemp Anywhere” kit that you produce. Thanks again, and if your travels bring you to San Diego again, let us know. We would love to take you on a “ride along” and show you what we do.

Cam Gray

I ordered an electric heater manufactured by a competitor for bed bug thermal remediation. It required a 220 volt as well as several 110 volt cords for operating this one heater. I used it on the job for ONE HOUR, brand new, before it quit—at the job site. I did not have a back-up heater. I called them only to hear that they had issues with this model heater. I sent it back the next day. I did some on-line research and found your company. I like the Power Station that separates the 220 volt into four 110-volt circuits for each heater. This greatly reduces breaker tripping issues. With your guidance, I was able to pull electricity from within the house from the electric stove outlet (220v) and the dryer outlet (220v also). This is enough to power two of your heaters without a generator. You also taught me other ways to operate another heater or two without needing a generator. Another thing I liked about your system, is that I can achieve approximately 130-138°F in 45 minutes to one hour in an average 10'x15' room! Of course, your guidance and expertise is paramount in being successful. Also, your advice on the use of the right type of fans is critical. Heating the room to 122°F and walking away is not all there is to bed bug eradication! You taught me so much more!


I wanted to take the time to thank you for treating and ridding our house of bedbugs! As you know it takes five days for the eggs to hatch so Linda and I we waited five days from when you treated.We wanted to let you know that we have not seen, or been bitten by a bedbug since your treatment. Linda is out of town now or she would call you and thank you in person. I will personally voice my satisfaction with the way your product worked so quickly and took care of the problem we have been dealing with for over eight months and with NO chemicals. Again thank you for a solution to a problem that not many people knew how to deal with.


We were very impressed with the electric units. Once we got everything rolling with the help of Tom over the phone, the system worked even better than advertised. Got to give both Tom & Marty props for all the help & information they have provided for our small business. We will be looking forward to continuing business with them in the future. Thanks for everything.

Donnie’s Total Pride Pest Control

Wanted to send pics of how well your equipment and training works for us. We can’t thank you enough for the way you have treated us. It is refreshing to work with people that get a team concept over just doing business. Thank you.

Grant Guyer
Mirage Properties

I just wanted to call and let you to know we fired your machine up for the first time today and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the equipment you sent me. And I really appreciate the fact that you are there. We will certainly be doing business with you. I will certainly be sending anybody I can to you. I am extremely impressed with the equipment. I just wanted to pass that along. You have cut our treatment time down. We are already up to heat and we have only been running about an hour. I just wanted to give you a heads up. This is a great product you are putting out there.

Norfork Redevelopment & Housing Authority

It is very refreshing to be able to have a discussion on a topic with the person who literally wrote the book on said topic. Thanks for everything you add to our industry; your work and knowledge is appreciated by even those who aren’t aware of it.

Tyson J. Batdorf
Operations Manager, Noneman Real Estate Company

Advantages: The guest can keep 100% of their belongings. Even laptops can go through the heat treatment. The hotel does not loose any FF&E. Rooms are out of order for one day maximum.

Hotel Manager

Going quite well... We completed our work at the Baton Rouge location, handled some rooms in Alexandria and the equipment is now in Council Bluffs, will go to Topeka next for a couple rooms there. It seems like a fairly easy process once you get used to it. Thanks Mike.

Chuck R. Hausler
VP of Operations, Rim Hospitality

I just want to write you to thank you for the training and the time you spent with us last week. We are very pleased with the equipment and we feel up to the task as we move forward with our self-treating. You were very informative and helpful and I am glad we decided to have you come out. Thanks again.

Andrew J. Ditson
Senior Property Manager, All City Management

I just wanted to let you know that your GreenTech Propane fired unit is working great for us here in Wilmington DE, and our Philadelphia PA complexes. We followed Michael R. Linford PhD’s field manual to the tee and we are 25 for 25 on bed bug free apartments. Thank you so much for such a great product which has helped us take control of our bed bug problem. Keep up the great work. Happy in the East Coast.

Eric Fredricks
Cranston Hall Apartments

I did some on-line research and found your company. I like the step-down breaker boxes that separate the 220 volt into 4-110 circuits for each heater. This greatly reduces breaker tripping issues. With your guidance, you also taught me other ways to operate another heater or two without needing a generator. Another thing I liked about your system, is that I can achieve approximately 130-138° Fahrenheit in 45 minutes to one hour in an avg. 10'x15' room! Of course, your guidance and expertise is paramount in being successful. Also, your advice on the use of the right type of fans is critical. Heating the room to 122°F and walking away is not all there is to bed bug eradication! You taught me so much more!

Beast Master Pest

Your equipment packages and training program have made the biggest difference in our upward growth and customer satisfaction that we enjoy today.

Marcelo Gallo
Southland Pest Control

Modern bed bug populations are highly resistant to the insecticides used for their control. bed bugs are difficult to access and our insecticides do not work as well as we would like with home owners and pest management. Heat is known to be a very effective bed bug killer and it can be used in many different ways to treat infestations.

Dini M. Miller, Ph.D.
Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech

The use of non-chemical measures such as heat treatments has distinct advantages. This method does not have many limitations with respect to the number of items treated and the area to be treated. There are no chemical residues to consider and, compared to gas fumigation of areas, margins for safety are considerably greater. The area treated can include a number of items (garments and furniture) that would otherwise increase the complexity of other control measures, the time required to treat these items, and the potential for control failure.


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