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ATL Automotive Technologies Limited wins New Zealand Biosecurity Award for Custom Heat Chamber

by Dr. Michael R. Linford
January 17, 2020

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is an agricultural pest native to China, Japan, the Korean peninsula, and Taiwan. It was introduced into the United States in 1998 and recently established itself in Europe and South America.

This bug is a serious, extremely versatile, agricultural insect pest that feeds on a wide array of plants including apples, apricots, Asian pears, cherries, corn, grapes, lima beans, peaches, peppers, tomatoes, and soybeans. New Zealand is specifically worried that the brown marmorated stink bug would attack grapes, kiwifruit, apples, citrus, and stone fruit, corn and many other crops valuable to their economy.

Dr David Teulon, the director of Better Border Biosecurity in New Zealand says,

Vehicles, machinery and other cargo coming out of USA and Italy have had to undergo mandatory pre-export treatment with methyl bromide, sulfuryl fluoride or heat since 2015 and 2017 respectively. This treatment is now being considered in Asia. Detector dogs have been trained to sniff-out Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs and are currently being used by MPI to find them on ships entering New Zealand waters and as they unload.

Heat treating an automobile can be done in as little as 20 minutes, whereas treating a car with methyl bromide or sulfuryl fluoride requires a minimum of 12 hours.


Killing Bugs by Treating Cars with GreenTech Heat

Tom Costello, Technical Director at GreenTech Heat, designed a custom heat chamber for ATL Automotive Technologies Limited in 2018. This past month, their heat treatment chambers received the Mondiale Innovation Award at the recent Ministry for Primary Industries Biosecurity Awards. The Biosecurity Awards attracted 70 entries and ATL was also a finalist for the New Zealand Biosecurity GIA Industry Awards.

The annual awards celebrate people across New Zealand who have gone above and beyond in making positive contributions towards biosecurity by protecting the New Zealand environment, their taonga (Maori for a treasured possession), their economy and the NZ way of life. The winners include leaders, researchers, scientists, communities and innovators. Biosecurity NZ deputy director-general Penny Nelson says the awards celebrate the individuals and teams who are working hard to ensure Aotearoa is safe from pests and disease.

Jacob Bates, General Manager of Automotive Technologies Limited, said: “ATL are incredibly proud to receive this award. As a New Zealand company, we know a strong biosecurity border is absolutely vital for a successful economy and we are proud of the role that we play in protecting our borders from exotic pests and diseases. Dr. Mike, thank you for all your support with that project.”

Congratulations to Jacob and his teams in New Zealand and Japan! Heat is a viable treatment option for brown marmorated stink bugs, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and all other insect pests.

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Dr. Mike

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