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It’s all about the gratitude

by Dr. Michael R. Linford
November 24, 2019

As we enter into Thanksgiving week, we’d like to take a moment and share some thoughts of gratitude.

A big thank you to all our clients: we wouldn’t be here without you!

Many of our clients express gratitude after conducting their first heat treatment— we’ve even had some excitedly call us while the treatment is still running! They tell us our training certification and manuals enhance the results they achieve with our equipment. Thank you for sharing your experiences which allow us to continue improving our products and techniques.

We have clients who reach out to us when they’re having difficulties. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to share, teach, listen, and make things right.

We have clients all around the world who often bring to our attention new requirements and needs. Thank you for helping us expand our world and address the specific needs of yours. Thank you for sharing and expanding our knowledge of your local entomology.

We can customize our heaters to various color needs.We have clients who challenge us with unique applications in new markets. Thank you for your partnership and trust as we explore and develop solutions together.

Who knew that heat and ice cream mixed! A dairy plant and ice cream factory used our Titan heaters to successfully disinfect and destroy microorganisms without any toxic substances that could taint the ice cream. Heat is the solution for nearly every situation.

I believe in giving more than we take, and a heat treatment makes people’s lives better. For everyone who has ever used GreenTech Heat equipment do a bed bug treatment, thank you for your trust. Thank you when you refer a friend or colleague. Thank you when you give us a testimonial.

You are the recipients of gratitude and thanks every time you perform a bed bug heat treatment. The words your customers use— even the looks on their faces— clearly communicate the change you bring into their lives. We know it’s not fun walking in to someone’s home or business and experiencing their despair, panic, frustration, fear, or hopelessness.

We know you use heat to eradicate bed bugs because heat does more than just kill bed bugs. Heat makes their lives better.

Thank you for making a difference in our world.

Dr. Mike

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