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5 Bed Bug Hot Spots (not your hotel!)

by Marissa Henderson
July 3, 2019

Much is made of the bed bugs lurking in your hotel. Travel is a potential culprit of bed bugs, but definitely not the only place you might encounter them. bed bugs love areas of large human populations and can hitchhike from many different locations. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and today, we are sharing five common bedbug infestation spots.


Thrift Shops, Ebay, and Yard Sales

A can’t-be-beat price on a beautiful designer label is tempting, but used furniture and clothes can carry bed bugs. Think twice about what you bring in your home and search thoroughly for evidence of bed bugs before you enter the house.


Public Library

Before you bring library books into your home, check the spines and covers for hitchhiking bed bugs. Those books circulate through tons of homes, and you never know if one of those homes has had an infestation.


Planes, Trains, Busses, and Ride Share

On public transportation there are many people carrying lots of their belongings that could be harboring hitchhiking bugs. It’s probably not reasonable to check crevices and upholstery before taking a seat, but be sure to do check your belongings before entering your home.


Movie Theater

With dark lighting, upholstered seats, and plenty of people, movie theaters are another bed bug hot spot you might not have considered! Don’t rest your purse or coat on empty seats and check for hitchhikers after leaving the theater.


Laundry Facilities

In infested homes, bed bugs might hide in piles of dirty clothes or in the crevices of laundry baskets. In large cities, where many are using shared laundry facilities, this gives bed bugs plenty of opportunities to spread from one clothes pile or basket to another. Keep your clothes in your own basket and consider doing all sorting and folding at home.

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