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Fact or Fiction? 5 Common Bed Bug Myths

by Marissa Henderson
June 26, 2019

It’s true that there has been a resurgence of bed bugs in the US since the 1990s. Changes in pest management, increase and world-wide travel, and bed bug resistance to pesticides have contributed to the increase. But along with the growing population, fears and myths about bed bugs have thrived as well. We’ve been heat-treating for bed bugs and other insects since 1989 and are the experts in the field. Today we debunk 5 common bed bug myths to help you better protect your property and manage your fears.


Myth: bed bugs won’t Bite in a Brightly Lit Room

Fact: Although bed bugs are secretive and prefer to feed at night, keeping the lights on will not prevent them from invading a room or biting.


Myth: bed bugs Prefer Dirty Rooms

Fact: bed bugs do not discriminate between clean and dirty environments and are just as likely to be found in luxury properties if owners do not practice effective pest management. However, in dirty environments a bed bug infestation might be harder to detect and control.


Myth: bed bugs can go a Year without Eating

Fact: bed bugs can go a long time without eating, but not so long as once thought. In room temperature environments, most bed bugs can survive for 2-3 months. In colder temperatures, they may survive longer.


Myth: bed bugs Transmit Disease

Fact: bed bugs do not spread disease to humans through bites. But be careful, scratching your bites with dirty fingernails could cause secondary infections.


Myth: Pesticides Alone Will Eliminate Bed Bug Infestations

Fact: In many areas of the country, bed bugs have become resistant to many pesticides. Effective bed bug control requires a variety of strategies like monitoring, clean travel practices, and professional treatment techniques.


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