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It’s all about the bed bug heater training

by Tommy Underhill
November 7, 2019

We recognize that just having the best commercial bed bug heat equipment available does not make you a heat professional capable of achieving a 100% kill 100% of the time. One of the first tasks Dr Linford undertook in 1989 was to commercialize heat for the insect eradication market and write and develop the original training manuals. Since then, we have continued that tradition with additional training opportunities.

Training remains a cornerstone to the developers and engineers at GreenTech Heat Solutions. Our customers tell us how important our training and certification is in their business.


What People Say

The Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide is one of the most comprehensive training tools that we have seen. The entomology section is a great tool for visual learners. We are incorporating the guide into our Branch 2 Training syllabus. As mentioned, we feel as though the depth of the training and the training aids warrants 2-3 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for tech training.

Cam Gray

Wanted to send pics of how well your equipment and training works for us. We can’t thank you enough for the way you have treated us. It is refreshing to work with people that get a team concept over just doing business. Thank you.

Grant Guyer
Mirage Properties

I just want to write you to thank you for the training and the time you spent with us last week. We are very pleased with the equipment and we feel up to the task as we move forward with our self-treating. You were very informative and helpful and I am glad we decided to have you come out. Thanks again.

Andrew J. Ditson
Senior Property Manager
All City Management

I am very pleased with your training certification program and learned a lot. I am very proud of his certification, got a 99 on it!

Future Services, Inc

I want to say thank you for specific information on treating fleas with our Titan 800. The infestation was severe! The landlord had thrown the former tenants out and the garage will still filled with garbage. As soon as you walked through the door you’d be covered in them. With your help we had a very successful heat treatment for fleas!

Richard O’Brien
Concise Pest Control

Our focus on training is such a core of our business that the State of California has approved GreenTech Heat as a Continuing Education (CE) Provider for “General Pest and Heat Treatment Strategies”. As far as we know, no other heat product manufacturing or sales company has achieved this level of recognition for their training programs.



A comprehensive training program

GreenTech Heat provides an extensive, thorough training program that prepares companies and technicians who are new to heat for heat treatments in the real world. Our training manual includes the following sections:

  • Overview of bed bugs
  • Overview of cockroaches and other insect pests
  • Thermodynamics
  • Equipment
  • Pretreatment checklist
  • Jobsite setup and takedown
  • Terminology & principles
  • General techniques
  • Closed systems with electric heaters
  • Open systems with direct-fired heaters
  • Probing & temperature management
  • Overcoming obstacles to a successful treatment
  • Worker health & safety
  • Compendium of thermal death points


The GreenTech Heat training program includes

The training is designed to help you achieve a 100% kill of the target insect and ensure success for you and your customers. Killing bed bugs with heat is much more complex than just buying a bed bug heat machine and turning it on.

  • Step-by-step procedure for bed bug, cockroach, and other target pest eradication.
  • Bed bug biology and life cycles.
  • Bed bug resistance to treatment methods.
  • Thermodynamics
  • Overview of the heat methodology.
  • Creating a heat vortex.
  • How to establish convection currents in order to distribute the heat.
  • Equipment overview including ePro electric convected heaters and GreenTech Titan direct-fired heaters.
  • General treatment techniques.
  • Proper probe placement.
  • Disinfection of treated areas.
  • Unsuccessful treatment methods like freezing and steaming.
  • Worker and environment safety practices.



Multiple Training Options

We understand every company has varied training needs.

  • An extensive library of basic product training is available on our website for both electric and direct-fired heaters.
  • To get you up and running quickly, we include our Flash video training with every heat treatment package we sell.
  • We include our online Master Heat Technician Certification with every package priced $1,999 and up.
  • In-person training is available at our Anaheim, California facility.
  • We offer multi-day training on-site at your location.

The application of convected heat is a very effective treatment for the eradication of bed bugs and other insect pests. Our training programs prepare you and your technicians for success in real world heat treatments. Call us at 888-699-3944 for answers to any specific questions you might have. Visit our bed bug heater online store to get started with heat today.

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