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5 Natural Ways to Defeat Allergies

by Marissa Henderson
August 9, 2019

Summer days are best spent outdoors, but if you are one of the estimated 50 million American allergy sufferers, natural beauty can become the enemy. You cannot eliminate the outdoor pollen and dust that cause allergy flares, but you can make sure that your home becomes your allergy-free haven. Here are five natural allergy remedies.


Shut out breezes

Although tempting, be sure to refrain from opening windows on days with high pollen counts. Also consider investing in a HEPA filter for your air conditioner—and remember to periodically clean it!


Wash up

Each time you return home, take a minute to quickly rinse off and change your clothes. This will keep the allergens you picked up while out and about from transferring to your couch and bed.


Clean naturally

Keeping a clean home is vital to staying allergy-free. Clean regularly with natural ingredients like vinegar or baking soda that wont irritate your nasal passages. Vacuum daily with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter to trap allergens.


Rinse out

Seen infomercials for the Neti Potty? This simple container is designed to help you flush your nose of irritants. Read here to see how and when the Mayo Clinic advises you to use one to assist with allergies.


Heat treat your home

GreenTech heat treatments do not just destroy bedbugs. Our treatments can be 100% effective in extermination of most organisms, including those that commonly cause household allergies. At 140°F, toxic mold is killed in 30 minutes (Domsch, 1993, pg 745) and house dust mites are killed after 60 minutes (House Dust Mites, University of Nebraska, Bug Facts 013-97).


Heat is so much more than just a solution for bed bugs. Every living organism has a thermal death point. When treating for bed bugs, you will denature allergens and you may also kill bacteria, mildew, and viruses. You will kill all insect pests in the treatment area and disinfect your customer’s room and deodorize them at the same time. Make GreenTech Heat a differentiator in your market that sets you apart from your competition. Call us at 888-699-3944 to find out how GreenTech Heat makes summer living more enjoyable.

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