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Tips for Titan treatments when in the colder months

by Tommy Underhill
November 27, 2018

It’s a beautiful, crisp day at the Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver, Colorado. I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Glen Miller of TRS Extermination in Cincinnati, Ohio. Glen shared a practical tip for Titan treatments on crisp and cold days.

  • The environment is working against you in any heat treatment on a cold day.
  • We have measured the net temperature rise from a Titan 800 of up to a 180.6°F.
  • If you’re starting with an ambient air temperature of 38°F, you will probably see the heater outputting 142°F air. This is warm enough to heat a structure... eventually.
  • Glen tells me it will take a lot of time and fuel. Both of these can be costly commodities.
  • Instead of venting the treatment area to the outside, duct the warmer treatment air from within the structure back into the heater. In Glen’s photo below, the duct on the left directs warm air from inside the house into the Titan direct-fired bed bug heater. Note that the return duct does not completely cover the Titan’s air intake. It is important to continue drawing fresh air into the heater.

  • Glen has seen substantial increases in treatment air temperature using this technique. All it takes to increase the efficiency of the treatment is one trip through the structure and back through the heater.

Many thanks to Glen for sharing this tip. I will be at the Global Bed Bug Summit at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver on November 27-28. If you’re in town or at the conference, stop by our booth and share your story with us!

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