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New study shows Titan direct fired bed bug heaters produce more heat

by Dr. Michael R. Linford
June 26, 2018

The Titan 800 nearly produces the power of two other propane bed bug heaters.For quite some time now many of our customers have told us our Titans produce more heat energy than any other heater they have used. Some have used “significantly” with the word “more” when describing the heat output.

From the time the Titan heater was conceived, we knew that airflow was a key issue. This is why we expanded the heater barrel diameter to allow a full 18-inch fan blade. In calculating the BTU capacity of various types of heaters, we have discovered that CFM is a key factor in the BTU formula calculation. In addition to this important improvement, we have been able to improve the fuel-to-air mixture with more efficient burners, as well as heavier gauge ignition wires coupled with in-line fuses to prevent damage to the control module. Our longer barrel generates additional air pressure and reduces the potential for any flames to leave the heater’s barrel.

Revaluation of heat output

In light of our customers’ testimonials and all the design changes, we decided to re-evaluate the heat output of our equipment. And we included two heaters from the competition to see where we stand in the market.

The four heaters we had tested were the Titan 250, the Titan 500, the EcoForce Black Widow, and the PestHeat TPE 500. The PestHeat TPE 500 and EcoForce Black Widow have a thermal performance envelope similar to the heater we used to develop our technology 15 years ago.

Independent analysis and the BTU formula

Calculating BTU output for a fuel-powered heater utilizes a formula incorporating airflow and the maximum temperature change achieved within the safety parameters established for direct fired heaters.

BTU=airflow x 1.08 x dT

We had an outside entity compile these quantifiable figures and calculate the BTUs for each of these heaters.

  • EcoForce Black Widow: 3650 cfm, 143.8˚F net temperature rise.
  • PestHeat TPE 500: 3818 cfm, 142.6˚F net temperature rise.
  • GreenTech Heat Titan 250: 3808 cfm, 124.8˚F net temperature rise.
  • GreenTech Heat Titan 500: 5076 cfm, 180.6˚F net temperature rise.

The EcoForce Black Widow and PestHeat TPE 500 both exceed the minimum BTU outputs claimed by the manufacturers: 566,860 BTU and 588,003 BTU respectively. However, the current GreenTech Heat Solutions Titan heaters’ energy output has been significantly understated.

Originally, we worked our technology with heaters that generated around 500,000 BTUs with airflow between 3,000 cfm and 4,000 cfm. With all of the design modifications, today’s Titan 500 generates 990,064 BTU—almost twice the output of the original heaters. We are now calling this the Titan 800 to be conservative.

We initially created the Titan 250 to generate somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000 BTU. The design changes executed into the current Titan 250 design produce 513,257 BTU: 205% of our stated output. Keep in mind this heater is around a 100-pound lightweight that punches well above its weight class and can operate efficiently with smaller propane tanks.

Moving forward

To bring our equipment naming into parity with the measured heat output, the Titan 250 will now be the Titan 450 and the Titan 500 will now be the Titan 800. Please keep this in mind when you buy one of our Titan 500 bed bug heaters: you’re effectively getting the heat output of two of the competition’s.

Dr. Mike

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