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Mistakes people make when they discover bed bugs

by Marty Venturini
May 21, 2018

People often act irrationally when they discover they have bed bugs.What are some mistakes people make when they find out they have bed bugs?

1. They throw out their bed, couch, or chair.

2. They rip up, remove, and replace their carpeting and padding.

3. They discard their clothes and luggage.

4. They replace all their clothing, and immediately put them into bedbug infested closets and dressers.

5. They encase their mattress in a bag which does nothing to prevent the bedbugs living elsewhere in their home from feeding on them.

6. They buy cheap insecticides which drive the bed bug deeper into their furnishings and building to avoid the chemicals.

7. They try to rub everything down with alcohol. This creates a fire hazard.

8. They buy or rent a space heater or flame throwing propane torpedo heater and burn the place down.

9. They put their clothes in the freezer.

10. They run their clothes through the dryer for a regular dry cycle.

11. They run their clothes through the dryer on high heat for several hours, but don’t treat anywhere else in their home.

green tech heat solutions epro electric bed bug heat treatment system and equipment treats up to 600 sqft in 8 hours and includes Master Heat Technician Certification training and shipping included

12. They rent a heat tent or a heat chamber and treat all their clothes and furniture, but cannot treat the interior of their home.

13. They spot treat select furniture with steam or freezing.

14. They think BED BUGS = INFESTED BED and don’t consider that bed bugs will harbor multiple places throughout their home.

Treating bed bugs in computers and other electronics will not damage the equipment.15. They don’t think to inspect their electronics such as bedside clocks, stereos, set-top boxes, computers, or televisions.

16. They discard their electronics for fear they cannot treat them.

17. They treat their home with chemicals that will kill nymph and adult bed bugs, but do nothing to kill the eggs. The eggs hatch and the cycle repeats.

18. They use heat equipment designed for other industries like structural drying or environmental remediation.

19. They purchase heat equipment from a company that does not provide training.

20. They do nothing.

Don’t make these or other costly and dangerous mistakes. Heat kills bed bugs naturally. Let GreenTech Heat Solutions provide you the technology to be bedbug-free. Compared to the frustration and cost of replacing your electronics, furniture, and clothing— and still having repeat infestations from hatching eggs to deal with!— an ePro electric heater package can be very cost-effective.

We do not provide heat treatment services.

GreenTech Heat designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric and propane heaters, fans, and treatment accessories specifically designed for the efficient killing of all insect pests, especially bed bugs and their eggs. In some cases, owning our equipment has a lower total cost and greater timeliness than utilizing an outside service.
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