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The best bed bug heat equipment anywhere.

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Comprehensive Heat Technology in a Convenient Package

What People Say

The difference I see in the GreenTech Heat trailer package versus the competition is:

  1. The GreenTech Heat build quality is way better. Non-slip flooring, no rust, no leaks, electric jack, sound proofing, more inside room.
  2. Direct contact with the CEO, technical team, and support.
  3. One man can operate the GreenTech Heat trailer package.
  4. The GreenTech Heat trailer package has more BTU power and the heaters are lighter weight. The set up, treatment time, and take down is less time.
  5. Temperature control is superior with the GreenTech Heat bed bug heater package.

With the trailer I have from the competition you need two people working the equipment. When the competition’s trailer was brand new and in our area of high humidity, we were dealing with rust and roof leaks right out of the box. Trying to get warranty issues and replacements parts was a big headache and problematic.

Calvin Thigpen
It’s Bugs or Us


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Thermal Remediation
80kW Trailer
price $124,995.00 $115,045.00  
heat output 209,508 BTU 199,040 BTU  
8-hour treatment area up to
5,000 sqft
up to
2,800 sqft
temperature monitoring wireless/
on-site only
individual heater weight 48 lbs 130 lbs  
individual heater power 52,377 BTU 24,880 BTU  
individual heater airflow 3,500 cfm
2,400 cfm
fan airflow 4,000 cfm 3,294 cfm  
non-slip floor yes no  
generator sound insulation yes no  
integrated storage cabinet yes no  
Bed Bug Field Guides 5 copies none  
Master Heat Technician Certification included for 5 technicians none  
training included additional  
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  • GreenTech heat has perfected the directional and convected application of heat for killing insects. The ePro 1400 generates 52,377 BTU with 3,500 CFM of airflow to create an optimal convection vortex in any room with less equipment to carry and move. Our technology is proven in the laboratory, in the field, and in the kitchen. Convection ovens cook dense food more rapidly than traditional radiating ovens.
  • GreenTech Heat has more powerful equipment. GreenTech Heat equipment not only generates more BTU heat, but our equipment also generates more airflow. Each ePro 1400 creates nearly 50% more airflow than the Thermal Remediation EBB-460B. Thermal Remediation’s standard 16" multifan which produces only 3,294 CFM. Their upgraded 19" multifan produces 3,600 CFM. Our AM4000 fan produces 4,000 CFM—up to 21% more airflow standard! You get more bang for your buck with GreenTech Heat.
  • GreenTech Heat offers the only Master Heat Technician Certification in the industry. Our certification program is recognized by housing authorities and governmental agencies.
  • Our success equals your success. Dr Michael R Linford, GreenTech Heat CEO, was the first to commercialize heat in 1989. We designed our first heater created specifically for the pest control market in 2005. Dr Linford is still developing innovative heat technologies and insect eradication solutions.
  • Anywhere temperature monitoring. Our real-time temperature monitoring system allows owners and managers to monitor job sites from anywhere in the world... not just the in the truck parked at the job site. You stay on top of your crews anywhere you can get a cell signal.
  • Portable yet powerful. The ePro 1400 is the lightest and most portable 52K BTU heater in the market. One ePro 1400 has the thermal punch of two Temp-Air EBB-460B heaters—with less than half the weight! Two ePro 1400 heaters can easily be carried by one person and their small size and light weight make navigating hallways and stairways convenient and easy without damaging customer’s walls at the end of a long day after a heat treatment.


ePro 1400
Heating power 15,350 watts 7,000 watts  
Heat generation 52,377 BTU 24,880 BTU  
Max airflow 3,500 CFM 2,400 CFM  
Weight 47 lbs 130 lbs  
Dimensions 20.8"x15.5"x23.5" 22.5"x18"x49.5"  
Treatment area up to 1,400 sqft 100 to 400 sqft  

Competitive product information from the Thermal Remediation from Temp-Air EBB-460B Heater Overview and the Thermal Remediation website.


What People Say

The ePro 1400 is the best electric heater we have ever used. This heater reduced treatment time significantly and distributed the heat energy in a very efficient way.

Isotech Pest Control


GreenTech Heat Solutions is the clear leader in the Insect Thermal Remediation industry

  • We designed our first heater in 2005.
  • More than 2,200 customers across the United States and around the world.
  • More than 5,000 heaters successfully operating in all 50 States.
  • Equipment operating in 20 countries around the world.
  • Senior management has more than 100 combined years experience of pest control experience.
  • We wrote the book on bed bug thermal eradication: Bedbug and Other Pests Heat Treatment Field Guide: The only comprehensive training manual for heat treatments of bed bugs and other general insect pests. 200 pages.
  • Termite and Other WDO Heat Treatment Field Guide: The only comprehensive training manual for heat treatments of termite and other wood-destroying organisms. 310 pages.
  • The Field Guide includes independent efficacy studies and the Thermal Death Point Compendium for referencing treatment temperatures and durations for many insect and microbial pests.
  • Millions of treatments worldwide without a fire.
  • Portable electric and propane solutions. 110V and 240V electric heaters.
  • Electric heaters and fans engineered to withstand temperatures well beyond those encountered during normal treatments.
  • GreenTech Heat Solutions technology is the only EPA-registered heat technology in the nation, and approved by the IICRC for whole-structure treatments of wood-destroying organisms.GreenTech Heat Solutions technology is the only EPA-registered heat technology in the nation, to the best of our knowledge. Our technology was the first to be registered with the EPA and approved by the IICRC for whole-structure treatments of wood-destroying organisms.
  • We provide 24/7 job support and product technical support online and via telephone. We stand behind our technology to make your treatments as efficacious as possible. Your success is our success.
  • All heaters and fans have a 2-year repair or replace warranty included.
  • Complete and customizable turn key electric and propane packages, including our new electric trailer package.
  • Customized solutions for unique applications like silos, automobiles, and shipping containers.
  • GreenTech Heat develops and designs our heating equipment to eradicate bed bugs and other insects. We don’t repurpose equipment originally designed to dry water spills.
  • Exclusive magnetic fire sprinkler covers to protect property from water damage during treatments.
  • GreenTech Heat offers the only online Master Heat Technician Certification program teaching the benefits gained during 29 years of heat treatment experience.


What People Say

GreenTech has been good to my growing business and helped me out a lot. I was really impressed even running your new ePro 1400 off of only one 240v cord. Your equipment is very well made and I will continue to be a customer. I would have never gotten to where I am if it hadn’t been for Dr Linford to trust and finance me on the propane heater package.

Mark King
King Environmental Solutions


The GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package includes

  1. (3) ePro 1400 heaters producing 52,377 BTUs each for a total of 157,131 BTU powered by generator
  2. (1) ePro 600 heater producing 26,212 BTUs running on building power
  3. (1) 45KW diesel generator 240V 200A single phase
  4. (1) Deluxe 16' dual axle trailer with rear ramp door and side swing door, all-LED lighting
  5. (1) Anti-slip and corrosion-resistant trailer flooring
  6. (1) Sound-proofed generator compartment
  7. (1) 12" Vent installed in generator compartment
  8. (12) AM 4000 cfm fans
  9. (2) Power transformer stations
  10. (4) 75' generator cords
  11. (1) Power Station with 5 cords for ePro 600
  12. (10) Magnetic fire sprinkler covers
  13. (1) Cellular wireless temperature monitoring system
  14. (1) 2-year Activation and subscription fee for cellular access
  15. (12) Wireless temperature sensors
  16. (1) Metal storage cabinet mounted in trailer
  17. (2) Laser thermometers
  18. (2) Rolls of reflective insulation
  19. (1) Roll high heat poly tape
  20. (6) 120v 25' lighted-end extension cords
  21. (6) 25' Heater cables for use inside the treatment area
  22. (1) Master Heat Technician Certification for up to 5 technicians
  23. (5) Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guides
  24. 2-Year warranty on heaters and fans

Perfect for updating or upgrading equipment— 2 of our heaters outperform 4 of the competition’s. The ePro 1400 electric insect eradicator weighs a quarter of the competition, and produces twice the heat and nearly 50% more directional airflow. Call us at 855-GTH-BUGS (855-484-2847) ext 2 to order the GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package today.


Financing Available!

There are many benefits of leasing and financing your equipment:

  • Preserve your cash and cash flow
  • Quick and easy funding
  • Low cost with up to 100% financing
  • Flexible tailored payments
  • Terms from 24 to 60 months
  • Deferred and seasonal payments
  • Tax advantages: write off 100% of the cost
Estimated monthly payments for the GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication MTPE-209K
Credit risk 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
Average $4,739.58 $3,557.84 $2,537.98 $2,460.96
Good $4,466.79 $3,265.41 $2,566.65 $2,150.17
Excellent $4,176.86 $2,988.87 $2,317.97 $1,916.74

All payments listed are O.A.C. and based on MSRP $87,999.


What People Say

The ePro 1400 is the best electric heater I’ve used to date. I am buying two of them! 104,000 BTUs so powerful and convenient to set up.

George Iglesias
Pest Innovations

Unlike chemicals, heat kills eggs and all stages of insect development, with no potential side effects to your customers. Heat is the solution to pest control in many markets, making one-day, single-treatments a reality.

Portable electric bed bug heaters are operated inside the treatment area and recycle the room air through the intake port, over the heating coils, and out into the treatment area. Each time air passes through the heater it imparts more energy into the air producing higher temperatures. The GreenTech Heat electric heaters have thermal regulator switches and can be set up in a treatment area and left to operate without constant supervision. The GreenTech Heat Solutions Mobile Thermal Pest Eradication package includes a state-of-the-art wireless temperature monitoring with cellular connectivity to monitor treatment temperatures from anywhere.

All GreenTech Heat heaters come with a 2-year repair or replace warranty. All GreenTech Heat electric heaters and fans are ETL listed.

Because of the convected energies created by the GreenTech Heat ePro electric bed bug heaters, we do not recommend residents re-enter the property until temperatures have cooled to 85°F.


What People Say

Wanted to send pics of how well your equipment and training works for us. We can’t thank you enough for the way you have treated us. It is refreshing to work with people that get a team concept over just doing business. Thank you.

Grant Guyer
Mirage Properties

People enthusiastically recommend GreenTech Heat equipment and training

Local, regional, and nationally-recognized pest control companies concur that GreenTech Heat equipment and training make the difference when treating for bed bugs. Visit our testimonials page for more comments about our training and technology.

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