Improve Your REAC Score & Turn Times!

Kill all bed bugs and their eggs in about 8 hours.
Titan 800 treats more than 4,000 square feet.

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Titan 800 propane bed bug heater kills all insects and their eggs in 1 treatment

The most powerful electric bed bug heater

ePro 1400 is 3x the heat of Thermal Remediation
About half the weight!

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The Original
bed bug heater

Kill all bed bugs and other insects & their eggs in just 1 treatment.

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Toilet overflow?

Dry the room and kill bacteria & viruses at the same time

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Titan 800 propane heater kills termites and bed bugs

Heat is the answer for housing authorities and bed bugsMaximize your REACT scores with GreenTech Heat

Kill all the bed bugs the first time

The executive director of a Missouri housing authority commented that bed bug infestations are becoming more common than in the past and are often discovered by their maintenance teams. When there is an infestation, that doesn’t mean the area is unclean— it means bed bugs hitchhiked from somewhere else.

Bed bug control should include a comprehensive plan of protection, quick action if infested, and then ongoing maintenance. A GreenTech bed bug heater should be a vital part of your bed bug plan. Heat indiscriminately kills everything within the treatment area. When properly conducted, a heat treatment is 100% lethal to all stages of insect life, 100% of the time. Temperature measurements provides an empirical ensurance that every bed bug in the treatment area was exposed to the proper time at a lethal temperature and achieved a 100% kill. No other bed bug treatment methodology can provide this level of surety.

No games or gimmicks. No spray, hope, and pray you got all the bed bugs. GreenTech Heat has the original single-day heat treatment solution for killing bed bugs with heat. So how does GreenTech Heat get you to a 100% kill every time?

  • The best bed bug heat equipment.
  • The best temperature measurement strategies.
  • The best bed bug heat training.

Don’t wait for bed bugs to ruin your tenant experience, turn times, and excellent REAC scores!

Believe it or not, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) lists the following treatments as allowable against bed bugs: “heat, cold, steam, physical mashing and sticky insect monitors”. Traditional treatments can take weeks and will destroy your reputation in the interim. Physical mashing is ensured to not kill every bed bug and all the eggs. Join the hundreds of maintenance managers who have decided that self-treating with heat is the most effective and economical method of bed bug elimination. Kill bed bugs and their eggs with GreenTech Heat!

We wrote the books on killing bed bugs and termites— and their eggs!— with heat.

The best bedbug killing machine uses heat.

Why Choose GreenTech?

  • Years of field experience in pest control
  • The best ROI in heat treatment equipment and training
  • Affordable and portable
  • Technology independently/university tested
  • Heat safely kills bed bugs
  • EPA approved
  • Ongoing training/technical support

What People Say

Wanted to send pics of how well your equipment and training works for us. We can’t thank you enough for the way you have treated us. It is refreshing to work with people that get a team concept over just doing business. Thank you.

Grant Guyer
Mirage Properties

When you treat with GreenTech Heat equipment, you get results.

GreenTech Heat treatments are different than pesticidal treatments.

Even when deemed effective, traditional treatments require repeat applications. Even if the initial treatment kills 100% of all insect pests, chemicals are not generally ovicidal and most chemicals require time to denature the insect carapace... leaving a time when the bed bugs will still bite! A week or two later and eggs hatch, and your customer thinks your treatment failed and calls you back for a repeat treatment. When your clients, guests, and residents consider the inconvenience of multiple treatments—and being bit each time a clutch of eggs hatches!—a less-expensive treatment can quickly become significantly more costly, painful, and inconvenient.

Heat naturally kills all bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, sliverfish, and other insects in a single, one-day treatment: adults, nymphs, eggs. Because heat kills the eggs, there are no future generations to bite and pester your customers.


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GreenTech Heat Direct-Fired Propane Heaters

The best propane bedbug heat treatment equipment for sale anywhere.
Titan 450
The best portable direct fired bedbug heat treatment equipment for sale and training programs.
Titan 800
output 550,000+ BTU 990,000+ BTU
8-hour treatment area more than 2,000 sqft more than 4,000 sqft
power requirements 7A 120V 7A 120V
air flow up to 4,000 cfm more than 5,000 cfm
integrated REGO valve yes yes
propane tank 5 or 10 gal or larger 25 gal and larger
dimensions 43”L x 23”W x 29”H 50”L x 27”W x 30”H
weight 100 lbs 140 lbs
fuel use ~1.4 gal/hr 2-4 gal/hr
net temp rise 125°F 180°F
warranty 2 years 2 years
heater price $7,999.00
as low as $167.00/month-60 months
as low as $189.00/month-48 months
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package price $9,999.00
as low as $205.00/month-60 months
as low as $231.00/month-60 months
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Heat is a proven technology. Our state-of–the-art tested technology developed and perfected by Michael R. Linford PhD, our equipment is designed to be a complete bed bug heat treatment system without sacrificing quality or capability.

Find your perfect bed bug heater packagePropane and Electric Heater Packages

Treats up to 400sqft
Perfect for Apartments
and Individual Rooms
Lightweight & Ultra Portable
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Treats up to 600sqft
Perfect for Homes and Bedrooms
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Treats up to 1400sqft
Great for Homes
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GreenTech Heat Solutions is different

GreenTech Heat provides organic and pesticide-free bed bug heat treatment solutions for airbnb, hotel and motel owners, and property management companies to exterminate and eliminate bed bugs and other insect infestations while avoiding the potential negative side affects of pesticides. Heat provides the positive side effect of freshening the air in a structure by denaturing many allergens and destroying the chemical basis of many odors. Our equipment will kill bugs and black widows with thermal remediation.

We will match any competitor’s price on comparable equipment. We want you as a customer for life. Financing subject to credit approval/qualification. Payments may vary from quoted amounts based on multiple factors. Terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Applicable tax, shipping, insurance, and closing costs may apply.