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Heat kills viruses, microbes, bacteria, and other pathogens

Heat successfully kills organisms floating in the air, residing deep in furniture, and sterilize surfaces in one concise treatment. No wiping down surfaces. No spraying chemicals or disinfectants. Heat is such a powerful disinfectant that Ford Motor Company updated their Police Utility Vehicles to sanitize the vehicle interiors.

Sanitizing is fast, easy, and straightforward. Once you achieve 140°F, the treatment can be done is a little as 1 hour.

Our comprehensive training allows you to identify insects and bed bugs in vehicles, houses, offices, hotels, medical facilities, and any other interior space. A single inclusive heat treatment that usually requires less than 1 day will kill all insect pests, bacteria, and many viruses wherever they are present in the treatment area.


The best heater for killing bacteria and viruses

Click to order the Titan 800The Titan 800 portable direct-fired propane heater is the most powerful eradication heater and generates up to 990,000 BTU. In fact, independent analysis reports that the GreenTech Heat Solutions Titan 800 is the most powerful portable, direct fired bedbug heater available. The GreenTech Heat Titan 800 is made in the USA and comes with our exclusive 2-year repair or replace warranty.

Independent laboratory testing has determined the GreenTech Heat equipment and process will sterilize at temperatures up to 250°F.


A more thorough disinfection: especially in the hidden places

The GreenTech Heat process provides a more thorough disinfection throughout more elements of a structure. The engineered application of heat allows building owners, health preservation staff, environmental remediation, and maintenance teams to disinfect the entire structure in one coronavirus heat treatment—including the HVAC system.

It is imperative to disinfect the HVAC system concurrently with the rest of the structure. Failure to disinfect the entire structure leaves the potential to agitate, recirculate, and reintroduce virus particles in the HVAC system back into and throughout the occupied portions of the structure.

There is the potential that all the work disinfecting the obvious surfaces in the occupied portions of the structure will be recontaminated once the HVAC system is turned back on. The HVAC can disburse dried virus particles back on to fomite surfaces.


Steps to take

During a microbe-focused heat treatment, be sure to run the HVAC fan (not A/C!) during the heat treatment process to move lethal levels of heated air through the entire system—ducts, fans, heaters, etc. Do not remove the air filters during this stage of the heat treatment—keep the old filters in the heater and allow the heat treatment to disinfect them as part of the coronavirus heat treatment.

Removing the contaminated filters prior to the heat treatment exposes the maintenance team to additional opportunities for contagion. If maintenance plans to replace the used filters as part of the microbial heat treatment process, install the new filters after the viral heat treatment is completed.

Tom Costello, Technical Director at GreenTech Heat, said, “Treating structures with the heat process will slow this contagion without the need to wipe down contents with chemical disinfectants to eliminate fomites on surfaces.” Previous coronaviruses including SARS and MERS could last as long as two weeks in an air-conditioned environment. The GreenTech Heat process will also provide legitimate peace of mind that the structure is free of viral contamination.


Technology based on research

As we developed our technology and sought clinical proof of its efficacy, GreenTech Heat compiled a listing of studies from academic laboratory sources and trusted epidemiological institutions— including the World Health Organization and Health Canada— for many microbials including protoza, bacteria, fungi, and viri. Their findings prove that heat kills organism floating in the air, residing deep in furniture, and sterilize surfaces in one concise treatment. We have published the Compendium of Thermal Death Points in our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide since 2016.

A single treatment with temperatures only slightly higher and durations slightly longer than an aggressive bed bug treatment will eliminate organisms throughout the treatment area. The following table lists the laboratory findings.

Pathogen Thermal Death Point Duration Source
Coronavirus (not specifically SARS-CoV-2) 55°C/131°F 2 minutes Gerba, 1997; Laude, 1981
SARS-CoV-1 56°C/133°F not specified Henwood, 2020
SARS-CoV-1 56°C/133°F
90 minutes
60 minutes
30 minutes
Duan, et.al., 2003
SARS-CoV-1 56°C/133°F
25 minutes
1 minute
Leclercq, et.al., 2014
SARS-CoV-1 60°C/140°F 30 minutes Rabenau, et.al., 2005
Darnell & Taylor, 2006
Ebola 60°C/140°F 60 minutes Health Canada, 2007
Rotavirus 50°C/122°F 30 minutes Gerba, 1997; Estes, et.al. 1979
Staphylococcus aureus 63°C/145°F 20 minutes Dumalisile, et.al., 2005
Streptococci 60°C/140°F 30 minutes Hampil, 1932, Ayers & Johnson, 1918
Escherichia coli 63°C/145°F 25 minutes Dumalisile, et.al., 2005
Norwalk viruses >60°C/140°F >30 minutes TIP, 2000; Foster & Thompson, 1957
Most viruses 70°C/158°F 20-25 minutes Jones & Martin, 2003 Day & Shaw, 2000; Stern, 1974

Ford Motor Company recommends and utilizes heat at 133°F for 15 minutes to sanitize the interior of police vehicles.

Heat is a proven disinfectant. Medical professionals trust autoclaves and heat to sterilize surgical instruments. When conducting a microbial treatment with GreenTech Heat equipment, heat and hold the treatment zone between 60°C/140°F and 60°C/150°F and maintain temperatures until the hardest-to-heat locations maintains that temperature for 1 hour as indicated with a temperature probe.

Who can benefit from an antimicrobial heat treatment?

  • Government facilities
  • Hospitals and emergency rooms
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Ambulances
  • Aircraft
  • Busses
  • Rental car fleets
  • Retail establishments

GreenTech Heat technology allows you to self-treat with heat for insects and microbes on your schedule and as your needs demand. Our certified training lets you do it right and do it safely the first time. Regardless of whether you self-treat with heat, or contract a heat professional, heat safely kills all insect pests and microbes in a single one-day treatment. Call us at 888-699-3944 to get started with heat today.


The image at the top of this post is from the Public Health Image Library from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This illustration is based on electron microscopic (EM) imagery and provides a three-dimensional (3D), graphical representation of a number of norovirus virions, set against a black background. Illustrator: Alissa Eckert, MS

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