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It’s camping season! Be on the lookout for bed bugs in your RV, trailer, or camping gear.

by Tommy Underhill
June 15, 2022

The Quick Bits

• Bed bugs can survive more than a year without a meal
• Bed bugs can be found in motor homes, RVs, and trailers
• Bed bugs can infest camping gear
• Heat treatments easily kill bed bugs
• Bed bugs can move between rigs and homes

Seasonal outdoor activities like camping and glamping can be fun. The change of scenery helps us recharge and be ready to continue with all our pressing daily responsibilities. As we clean, prep, and pack our vehicles, equipment, and gear, keep and eye out for signs of bed bugs: cast skins, fecal spots, eggs— and bed bugs of course!

For most people, seasonal vehicles and gear like motor homes, tents, or sleeping bags are used, quickly swept or shaken out, and then put away until next time. And that next time can often be almost a year away!

Just like we’ve seen with the hotels and motels during the covid travel lockdowns, bed bugs can survive more than a year without a meal. When you bring them a meal— you, your family, and your companions!— they’ll be on you like a hungry bear freshly out of hibernation seeking ripening berries... they will devour you!

Don’t fret if you find bed bugs before your trip in vehicles that haven’t been used since last season. An electric bed bug heater package like our ePro 400 will be more than adequate to kill anything in an RV, trailer, or motor home. Follow the training and instructions regarding proper airflow to create a cyclical vortex and you can kill everything within the vehicle. Don’t worry, it’s built to withstand extended durations at temperatures in the 140°F range.

A free, side benefit of heat treating your RV, trailer, or motor home: you'll kill the bacteria throughout the vehicle and eliminate the musty smell so often associated with a stored vehicle.

Finding bed bugs in your stowed gear is a bit different. Some things you can run through a couple of hot drying cycles in the clothes dryer. Other items may be a bit too bulky to fit in the dryer. One way to treat these larger, bulkier, and hard-sided items is to create a “hot room” in your house and treat these items there. We recommend using an ePro 400 package to bake this room and kill all the bed bugs.

When you find bed bugs in your stuff at the end of your trip you need to be a bit more diligent to ensure you don’t invite them to infest your home. If you haven’t unpacked yet, use an ePro 400 package to heat the vehicle, its contents, and your gear to 140°F (measured at the coolest point, often the far side of a cupboard or closet) and maintain that temperature for at least three hours.

If you’ve already unpacked from your trip and then discover bed bugs in the house, you’ll want to treat your home as well as your rig and gear. Now might be the right time to hire a professional who uses GreenTech Heat equipment to handle a job of this caliber.

Until you encounter bed bugs… happy journeys!

Pest control operators, property management, university dorms, housing authorities, senior housing, restaurants, airlines, and apartment owners, trust GreenTech Heat technology to be 100% effective for bed bugs, cockroaches, and all other insects. Heat is an effective tool to drive market share, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Our certified training lets you do it right and do it safely the first time, reducing call-backs. Heat safely kills insects and microbes everywhere they may be found in a single one-day treatment. Call us at 888-699-3944. We have bed bug heaters for sale so you can get started with heat today and self-treat with heat on your schedule.

We do not provide heat treatment services.

GreenTech Heat designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric and propane heaters, fans, and treatment accessories specifically designed for the efficient killing of all insect pests, especially bed bugs and their eggs. In some cases, owning our equipment has a lower total cost and greater timeliness than utilizing an outside service.
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