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by Tommy Underhill
March 3, 2021

We hosted our first free online training on February 4th. If you haven’t yet watched the class, it’s worth your time and you can get it here. Attendees enthusiastically commented on their experience:

  • “Great program!!”
  • “Thank you for your time and information. Look forward to these quarterly.”
  • “Thanks, really good experience”
  • “Thank you all for doing this!”
  • “And if you can’t figure something out Tom and David will text until you figure it out”

Even though March is Bed Bug Awareness Month, we are going to expand this month’s training class to include treating for WDOs like drywood termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, fungus, dryrot, and deathwatch beetles with Titan 800 and Titan 450 direct-fired heaters. WDO strategies will also enhance your results when treating for bed bugs, cockroaches, and other “traditional” pests. Make plans to spend two hours with us on Thursday March 25 from 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern for our second free online heat training with live Titan demonstration.

Heat works in all industries: pest control, historical building preservation, food storage, automotive and aircraft decontamination, churches, import/export decontamination, senior housing, multi-unit housing, and restaurants, just to name a few!

March 25, 2021— 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern— two worthwhile hours.

Make plans to attend our Titan training on March 25 from 11AM to 1PM Pacific time. We’re planning on making this as hands-on as we can for a virtual training. As always, please feel free to contact us at 855-GTH-BUGS (855-484-2847) ext 2 with any specific questions or needs you may have.

  • Heater setup strategies.
  • Propane safety and efficiency, including techniques to reduce tank freeze.
  • Differences between bed bug treatments and treating for termites and WDOs.
  • Heating eaves and exterior walls.
  • Drying out a structure.
  • Ducting for thorough and speedy treatments.
  • Fan and airflow strategies.
  • Measuring temperatures.
  • Identifying and working with cold spots.

Virtual seating is limited. Please register by email by clicking here.

See you on the 25th!

We do not provide heat treatment services.

GreenTech Heat designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric and propane heaters, fans, and treatment accessories specifically designed for the efficient killing of all insect pests, especially bed bugs and their eggs. In some cases, owning our equipment has a lower total cost and greater timeliness than utilizing an outside service.
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